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Welcome to the NAGC
Who we are

We are an independent charity that supports the social, emotional and learning needs of children with high learning potential of all ages and backgrounds. This includes:

  • children and young people who have been identified as gifted and talented
  • children and young people who have the ability to achieve; but who, for whatever reason, are not achieving their potential
  • those who are dual and multiple exceptional (gifted with a disability or learning difficulty) and the profoundly gifted
How we help

Our aim is to enable every child with high learning potential to grow in confidence, thrive and achieve fulfilment. We achieve this in the following 3 ways:

  • by working directly with parents and carers to help them support their child with high learning potential, their whole family and the professionals who work with them.
  • by working with the children and young people themselves to enthuse and challenge them and encourage them to make friends with like-minded peers.
  • by working with professionals so that they understand the issues and can work with parents to support the social, emotional and learning needs of children and young people with high learning potential.
Without this support, we believe that many of these children and young people will not grow up to be the artists, inventors and scientists of the future.

Our achievements

Across the country, we support over 14,000 children and young people each year face to face and over the telephone. Our work is particularly important to children with high learning potential who come from low-income backgrounds, as it is these children who often endure the greatest shortfall in gifted and talented support. Approximately 1 in 7 of the families we support is low income and, through our approaches, we help ensure that every bright child’s potential will be realised.

I really feel renewed in my efforts to deal with all the challenging behaviours that come along with the giftedness. I'm ready to take a deep breath and embark on my new and improved plan! Thank you for your much needed help.

(Quote taken from a parent in 2011)

How our work is funded

We are an independent charity which receives no support from government. As such, we are completely reliant on the continued generosity of our donors. Every pound we receive truly does make a difference to the work that we do and to the future of children with high learning potential. If you would like to see the different ways in which you can support our work with these children, then please click here.

I can't begin to imagine what our lives would be like without the Potential Plus UK. It's a scary thought.

(Quote taken from a parent in 2011)
Registered charity No. 313182
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