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Local services

Local support is essential so that parents can link in with what is happening in their area and families can meet regularly to make friends, organise trips or visits out together or just find out what is going on.

There are several ways in which families can do this, including via:

Branches - These are self-help groups for families where local members can meet and offer mutual support. Local members can offer empathy and support to others. It is likely that there will be somebody in a branch who has similar experiences or who has local knowledge. Branches are a very important part of Potential Plus UK as they are run by local parents and a volunteer committee and they understand the needs of families and how to help.

Branches provide:

  • Local information and emotional support to families
  • Fun and stimulating activities for children with high learning potential and their siblings through the Explorers Clubs
  • Support for parents and carers

Explorer Clubs

Many Branches organise regular Explorer Clubs which are activity clubs for children of different ages. These meet usually on a monthly basis at a weekend and there is a small additional charge to attend club meetings to cover the operating costs of the event. The Events Diary has information on all Explorer Club activities on it.

ALL families are very welcome to visit the Explorers Clubs although it is hoped that regular attendees will join Potential Plus UK to help support our charitable work (don't forget, concessionary rates are available)

  • Check the Events Diary for national and local activities and Explorers Clubs
  • Phone Central Office on 01908 646433 to request the contact details for your local Branch

If you enjoy the Explorers Clubs we do encourage you to join Potential Plus UK to support the charity, the local Branches and our work in general.

We currently have Branches meeting in:

  • Surrey
  • Liverpool (Merseyside & Wirral Branch)
  • Greater Manchester & Cheshire
  • Ipswich (East Anglia South Branch)

If you are interested in setting up a branch in your local area please contact Potential Plus UK on 01908 646433 or email with 'Branches' in the subject.

Registered charity No. 313182

Branch Website

Only the Surrey branch currently has an active website:


Parent Matters Workshops

These are workshops for parents and carers of between one and a half to two hours long for up to 30 parents.

These can be run in school or within the community for groups of parents who are interested in working together on issues of relevance to parenting their child with high learning potential.

For more information, the current programme and costs, please contact us on 01908 646433 or email with 'Parent Matters Workshops' in the subject.

Member parents, have you thought of getting a group of 10 parents and carers together and paying £12.50 each + a share of the travel costs and we will run an afternoon's workshop for you at cost price? 

Learning Matters for the More Able

Potential Plus UK also runs workshops for Governors, Senior Leadership Teams, Teachers, Learning Support Assistants, Careers Advisers, Psychologists and other professionals.

For more information, the current programme and costs, please contact us on 01908 646433 or email with 'Learnng Matters' in the subject.

Need help with developing a practical strategy to support your pupils with high learning potential? Contact us at with 'Consultancy' in the subject. for more information about our bespoke consultancy service.

Registered charity No. 313182
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