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Underachievement of children with High Learning Potential

There is a common misconception that children with High Learning Potential are always high achievers. Unfortunately, in our experience, HLP children can and often do underachieve. As a parent, this can be a very difficult situation to cope with; as not only does it concern you that your child is wasting their talents, but you also worry about their self-esteem suffering if they do not fulfil their true potential.

Here are some reasons why HLP children can sometimes underachieve:

  • Inability to manage time
  • Disorganised and frequently losing things
  • Lack of intrinsic motivation to succeed
  • Problems with friendships- either lack of friends or communication issues
  • Bullying
  • Disruptive, confrontational or disrespectful in class
  • Difficulty concentrating either due to boredom or as yet undiagnosed Special Educational Need
  • Poor handwriting and overall poor presentation of work
  • Perfectionist personality type- resulting in purposefully resisting work that is deemed more challenging as the fear of failure outweighs the glory of success
If you recognise any of the above reasons for your child's underachievement, contact Potential Plus UK. We can help you to work positively with your child's school to help your child to turn things around. What is crucial is to identify underachievement as early as possible so that the pattern of negativity is broken before self-esteem or future prospects are affected. HLP children can quite easily coast through school, achieving average results having put in the minimum effort required. This 'coasting' is something which Potential Plus UK can help parents to identify and eventually stop; resulting in greater fulfilment of potential.

Potential Plus UK can help you through our personalised in-depth advice service during which you can discuss, in confidence with a fully trained Potential Plus UK Education Consultant, any issues or concerns that you have:
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The following Advice Sheets, found in the Resource section provide useful further guidance for parents:
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