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Early Years Assessment of Potential

Many parents with younger children want to know how to identify and support their advanced abilities. Parents feel isolated and do not know where to turn for help with parenting, developing abilities and education options.

It can be difficult to identify cognitive ability in children below the age of 4½ because of the lack of reliable test instruments. However, there are abilities that can be assessed in order to understand where a child is in relation to their peers.

Potential Plus UK has put together the Early Years Assessment of Potential for ages 3 to 5 years to enable parents to understand the abilities of their children and how to support them. The assessment consists of informal play sessions as well as recognised tests of language understanding, hand-eye coordination and sensory processing. We also collect background information from their parents and any childcare settings (optional).

Parents receive verbal feedback on the day of the assessment, as well as a detailed report within 3 weeks. Recommendations in the report will include strategies for supporting the child’s abilities, parenting and developing any weaker areas, as well as education interventions where appropriate.
Parents who have had assessments said:

“It was really helpful to gain a better understanding of my child. I’ve tried some of the tips that were in the report and they have been very successful. “

“We are really pleased we decided to use the service. It has made us much more confident in talking about our child’s abilities with nursery.”

“Knowing how to support our child is the best thing that came out of the assessment. Knowing Potential Plus UK is there to support us on our journey is the second best.”

What is the Early Years Assessment of Potential?

The Early Years Assessment of Potential is a service provided by Potential Plus UK to assess language understanding, hand-eye coordination and sensory processing in young children. The results of these tests are viewed in a holistic way, taking into account play-based observations of the child and background information from the parents and any childcare setting (with parents' permission).

The assessment takes place at Potential Plus UK's central office in Milton Keynes.

Who is the Early Years Assessment of Potential for?

The Early Years Asssessment is aimed at children aged 3 to 5 years and is to give parents an understanding of their child's abilities in relation to other children of the same age.

Parents typically use the service when they feel they need help for understanding and supporting their child's advanced abilities.

How much does the Early Years Assessment of Potential cost?

The Early Years Assessment of Potential is priced at £360 for members of Potential Plus UK and £480 for non-members.

Potential Plus UK recognises that low income families may find it difficult to pay for the Early Years Assessment of Potential and we offer a concessionary rate of £275 for the service for concessionary members of Potential Plus UK. However, if families are not able to meet the concessionary rate cost, we are able to advise low income families on where to look for alternative funding.

Full payment is due at the time of booking. If we do not receive payment in full by 14 days before the assessment date, the appointment will be cancelled and 20% of the total assessment fee will be retained by the charity. The first 20% of the fee is therefore not refundable.

Appointments can be rearranged at late notice for valid reasons (e.g. if the child is unwell) at no additional costs; however, this can be done only once. For any additional postponements there is a 20% charge for the first, increasing to 50% for the second, and 100% thereafter.

For any cancellations of assessments the charity retains 20% of the full assessment fee.

How would a child benefit from participating in the Early Years Assessment of Potential ?

Participating in the Early Years Assessment of Potential is relaxed and enjoyable for children. On arrival, parents, the child and the assessor play together with activities or toys of the child's choice. When the child is comfortable, parents move into the adjoining room and the assessor interperses playing with the child and the formal activities in the test. The child can see their parents at any time and breaks are provided to eneable the child to perform their best.

What do parents receive at the end of the Early Years Assessment of Potential?

At the end of the assessment, parents are given initial feedback and advice. A full report detailing all the results and recommendations is received within 3 weeks of the assessment date. A follow-up telephone consultation is then booked in for parents to ask any questions of the assessor.

How to book a Early Years Assessment of Potential

If you would like to book Early Years Assessment of Potential, please telephone Potential Plus UK on 01908 646433.

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