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WARNING! This course could leave you addicted to maths for life!

This day is devoted to the fascinating world of mathematics where you will do things you never thought possible and think about mathematical things from completely different angles – lots more jokes like these on the day! You will play with numbers, achieve amazing things and take home lots of ideas and things you’ve made! You will also develop a deep love of numbers and of all things mathematical by having a go at very exciting open – ended challenging, investigations and philosophical thinking.

We will look at the fascinating history of the number systems that were invented by different civilizations since the beginning of time and try and invent our own. You will learn how to multiply using really amazing, completely different and fun methods that other countries have developed (Egyptian, Russian and Italian). Have a go at measuring and calculating the value of Pi (π) using everyday objects and then writing a poem in the sequence of Pi. This is your chance to be a mathematical scientist for the day and carry out an outdoor investigation that allows us to actually measure the speed of sound as well as learn how to measure the height of trees just by looking at them.

Meet Fermi, the famous mathematician, who worked out ways of answering impossible questions and use his approach to work out the how many drops of water there are in the ocean and how many cars there are in the world. Get to know the Number Devil, a truly inspirational book,that will inspire you to think about numbers for ever in a really fascinating way. Attempt to build his magical number pyramid that you can then take home and which will help you with all things mathematical at school.

And of course, have a go at the Four Fours Challenge where you will able to go way beyond +, -, x and ÷ and learn all about √, X0, ! , ∞ and many other symbols that you never knew existed – but are great fun to play with.

This is a day that will keep you entertained for life and help you to enjoy thinking about all aspects of our world from a mathematical point of view.