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Why does a spinning top stand up? Why doesn’t a rolling wheel fall over? And how does a falling cat always manage to land on its feet? Spinning things are strange. Hugh Hunt explores the common underlying threads that link all of these interesting phenomena, using a range of exciting and sometimes perplexing demos. We’ll even throw a few indoor boomerangs – hoping not to break any windows! Under pinning all of this excitement is a fundamental bit of science: The Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum. You should leave knowing a little about this surprisingly important law.

Hugh Hunt is a Reader in Engineering Dynamics and Vibration at Cambridge University. His research centres on the control of noise an vibration from underground railways. He is now promoting other technologies for the removal of non – CO2 greenhouse gases and also runs the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series which aims to raise awareness of the urgency around climate change. Hugh is a regular presenter on television documentaries on Channel 4, PBS Nova and SBS, including “Dambusters: Building the Bouncing Bomb”, “Attack of the Zeppelins”, “Escape from the Colditz” and “Guy Martin Wall of Death”. He has an impressive collection of boomerangs which he uses to inspire students in the study of dynamics and mechanics.

This event will be filmed and on the Ri’s YouTube channel within a few months.