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FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO BOOK A PLACE PLEASE EMAIL: aileen.hoare@northwestgiftedandtalented.org.uk

Do you have strong opinions on issues that are important to you?  Do you enjoying arguing your point or getting your own way?  Maybe you are fed up with losing the argument with your parents over whether you should be allowed a phone or whether the clothes you want to wear are appropriate.  This workshop will teach you the art of debate: how to present a strong argument, how to respond to counterarguments and how to win your case!

The day will consist of researching an interesting topic, creating speeches and presenting your points in a formal debate.

This is an excellent skill for success in secondary school and in later life.  The event will boost your confidence, take you out of your comfort zone and you will make lots of new friends and have fun along the way.

At 3.15pm, parents will be invited to join their children in order to see what they have achieved during the day.

Children need: Packed lunch, drinks