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FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO BOOK A PLACE PLEASE EMAIL: aileen.hoare@northwestgiftedandtalented.org.uk

Keen linguists will use language to problem solve their way out of trouble on an imaginary visit to France. The early part of the workshop will teach students the language they will need to embark on a series of challenges to solve the puzzle and find their way back to Paris. This linguistic ‘Escape Room’ activity will keep everyone on their toes as they try to beat the clock and get back! Designed to create a fearless approach to language learning, and a sense that even a little goes a long way, this workshop will help to encourage confidence and a passion for language. Using French as the medium for the workshop, it is the skills learnt that will be valuable when returning to the classroom and further language lessons.

At 3.15pm, parents will be invited to join their children to see what they have achieved during the day.

Children need: packed lunch, drinks and should wear comfortable clothes and trainers or jazz shoes.