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Day 1

  • Maps, atlases and globes
  • Amazing navigators
  • How the compass changed the world
  • Continents and oceans

Day 2

  • Weather and seasons
  • The power of the wind
  • What is the temperature
  • Water and water cycles
  • Clouds and fogs

Day 3

  • Evolution of the landscape
  • Geological strata
  • How Marie Tharp changed geology forever
  • Earthquakes and volcanoes

Day 4

  • Rivers: from the source to the mouth
  • Tropical grass fields and rain forests
  • From mount Everest to Mariana Trench
  • Great adventures and explorers

Day 5

  • North and South poles
  • What is glaciers or what is happening to our ice
  • What are our natural resources/fossil fuels
  • Our place in the world