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A free four day non – residential course aimed at participants of the 2019 CyberFirst Girls competition. The course provides a valuable introduction to the tools, knowledge and skills required to build and protect small networks and personal devices.

CyberFirst Defenders is a free four day course to inspire and excite students about the subject of cyber security. The course is designed for students with a demonstrable interest in computing and provides them with a valuable introduction to all the tools, knowledge and skills cyberists need to build and protect small networks and personal devices. It complements the Computer Science syllabus from both the National Curriculum for Excellence and takes it a step further, offering practical methods to help protect and secure everyday devices, apps and software.

Each CyberFirst Defenders course consists of interactive, hands on, self – guided, exploratory learning that reduces the amount of time spent in traditional instructor led presentations to the very minimum.

Day 1 – Insecure by Default
This day focuses on introducing the students to the Internet of Things and developing their understanding of the evolution of the internet and its use. Students are encouraged to build their own team network.

Day 2 – Securing your Devices
The focus of this day is on developing an understanding of good practice for securing common devices. Students practice their new – found knowledge by breaking, fixing and securing the devices on their team network.

Day 3 – Understanding Networks
In this module we will look at the wide variety of attackers; who are they and what are their motivations?

Day 4 – Securing Yourself
The operating system is the interface between the user and the device, making it a valuable target to attackers. In this module we explore how the operating system can be attacked and secured.