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Power to the people! Peterloo to the Pankhursts.

On 16 August 1819 over 50,000 people gathered at St Peter’s Field in Manchester to protest the right to vote, by the end of the day, what became known as the Peterloo Massacre, would lead to the death of 10 to 20 people with more than 400 injured.

This workshop gives students the opportunity to analyse and evaluate contemporary sources from 1819. They will work together in groups to look at the causes, events and consequences and consider how this catastrophe affected attitudes towards Parliament and future campaigns in the Nineteenth Century.

Students will create protest placards, banners and make impassioned speeches about the issues that were important to ordinary people 200 years ago. They will explore the development of the Chartist movement, the Match Girls Strike and the campaign for Women’s Suffrage. Students will be encouraged to reflect on why these movements were successful and the impact protests have today.

At 3.15pm, parents will be invited to join their children in order to see what they have achieved during the day.

Children need: packed lunch, drinks and should wear comfortable clothes and trainers or jazz shoes.