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The fabric and activity of our planet have governed our evolution and continue to shape our lives today; from plate tectonics and ancient climate change to atmospheric circulation and ocean currents. Lewis Dartnell will investigate how features of our planet drove our evolution, have influenced civilisations over millennia, and shapes politics even today. He will unravel the human story by exposing vast webs of connections that stretch deep into the past, underwrite our modern world and help us face the challenges of the future.

Prof Lewis Dartnell is a research scientist, presenter and author based in London, UK. He graduated from Oxford University with a First Class degree in Biological Sciences and completed his PhD at University College London 2007. He now holds the Professorship in Science Communication at the University of Westminster. His research is in the field of astrobiology and the search for microbial life on Mars. He has also held a STFC Science in Society Fellowship and he is very active in delivering live events at schools and science festivals, working as a scientific consultant for the media, and have appeared in numerous TV documentaries and radio shows. He has won several awards for his science writing and outreach work and regularly freelances for newspapers and magazine articles. He has published three books, his latest being The Knowledge.

The doors will open at approximately 6.30pm, with a prompt start at 7pm.

Copies of Lewis’s book, ‘Origins: How Earth’s History Shaped Human History’, will be available for purchase and signing after the event.