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Inspiring a love of thinking, learning, enquiring and existing… if we exist at all that is!

WARNING, this course will prove that the person starting the course is a completely different person to the person going home! You will enjoy learning to think in a completely different way and become a philosopher for the day! We will discuss lots of fascinating concepts, looking at them from lots of different points of view. You will learn to agree, disagree, respond, question, listen and change your mind several times. You will develop your skills as a creative thinker and a public speaker and learn how to present your ideas in a way that fascinates and engages others.

The word ‘Philosophy’ means a ‘love of wisdom’ which is what you will leave with at the end of the day. There’s nothing more wonderful than discussing things philosophically – it is unique and fun things to do as you can never be wrong! Try out fascinating, mind – boggling and though – provoking philosophical conversations, debates, drama exercises, art and games that will make you think and wonder about the world we live in, in a way you never imagined possible. Using the fascinating stories in the book ‘The Philosophy Files’, we will look at things like:

Can you jump into the same river twice?
Is it ever right to do something wrong?
Does knowing mean we are not learning anything new? Is it possible to see things that don’t exist?

Philosophy, Maths, Art and Science have always been very closely connected – would you like to learn how to discuss ideas philosophically to try to prove or disprove lots of current thinking in our world? You will be given the chance to think about whether time exists, if shadows and images in mirrors are real, if we can ever get to infinity and how things that are so small are able do so many amazing things (genes and DNA) and many, many more!

This is also the perfect workshop for you to come with your own philosophical questions and start your own philosophical discussion in a fun and enjoyable way.