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How will widespread adoption of battery transport affect the built environment? How will the automotive and transport sectors have to change? Will models of ownership of vehicles have to change? Will we lease batteries? Will we use our batteries to store energy and sell it back to the national grid?

These questions and many more will be answered by our panel of experts in this event supported by the Faraday Institution.

This event is the second of a three-part series entitled ‘The Batteries are Coming!’. The final event, ‘the future of mobility’ will be held on 10 September 2019.

Francisco Carranza is currently managing Director of the Nissan Energy business where he is in charge of products and services related to the electric vehicle grid integration (vehicle to grid, smart charging) and also the portfolio of products in the renewable energy generation and storage leveraging Nissan know how and expertise in lithium batteries. He has been at Nissan since 2008 where he had responsibilities in the External Affairs, Corporate Planning and Program Management teams. Francisco has two engineering degrees (Sevilla Engineering School and IFP School) and two MBA degrees (EM Lyon and Cranfield School of Management).

Vicky Edmonds is Joint Head of OLEV, the Office of Low Emission Vehicles, along with her jobshare partner Natasha Robinson. Vicky has worked with Government for around 15 years, starting her time in the UK civil service working with local authorities to tackle congestion in major urban areas. She has worked in a range of environmental policy roles, tackling issues related to freight sector emissions, air quality and aviation noise emissions; and had a brief stint in HM Treasury where she worked on the sale of the Royal Mail. Moving back into environmental policy around 2 years ago she led the Department for Transport’s environmental strategy team before joining Natasha last April in OLEV. This is perhaps her most exciting role to date – being part of the global transition to zero emission technologies as well as parallel move to autonomous vehicles, and helping to shape fundamental changes to the way that people and goods will move about in the future.

With over 40 years experiences in the automotive industry Colin Herron established Zero Carbon Futures in 2011 to support the growth of the electric vehicle industry and input into e-mobility policy. He uses his experience and technical knowledge to try and plot technology trajectories for the sector and support and advise a ZCF’s clients on how best to adapt to the introduction of EV. He is currently working with they mayor of London and Transport for London on their EV infrastructure requirements for the future.

Joanna Coleman worked in Shell for 20 years in oil and gas development, national energy planning and business development. In 2011 Joanna joined the Energy Technologies Institute, a public – private partnership accelerating technology development and demonstration to support the UK’s energy transition. Joanna led the ETI’s modellers and sector experts exploring energy transition pathways and the opportunities and challenges in delivering them. Joanna returned to Shell in 2018 as Energy Transition Manager where she oversees all Shell’s energy transition related activities in the UK. Joanna was awarded and OBE in 2018 and is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the IMechE.

The event will be chaired by Alok Jha. Alok is a science and technology correspondent at the Economist and author of The Water Book. Previously he was a Wellcome Trust fellow and has also worked at ITV News, the Guardian and the BBC.

This event will be filmed and on the Ri’s YouTube channel within a few months.