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Maths is a truly magical subject. To find out just how magical, why not attend this workshop where you will see and learn several mathematical tricks that you can go and perform for friends and family. None of them will require any sleight of hand or difficult mathematics, and are suitable for all ages.

Having taught for 20 years, Andrew Jeffrey set up Magic Message Maths in 2007 to serve the needs of maths teaches at both primary and secondary level. Andrew now travels the world offering consultancy services to schools seeking to improve and enrich the teaching and learning of mathematics. He is an expert in the pedagogy behind the Singapore approach to mathematics, and has published two books on barmodelling as well as been part of the authoring team for Numicon. He is also the author of several other books for teachers, including the best – selling Always, Sometimes, Never, and is a regular keynote speaker at conferences in the UK and abroad. Andrew’s most recent book is Greater Depth in Primary Mathematics, published in 2019. Andrew is also the founder of Maths Week England, a national celebration of mathematics in England. He is passionate about children and how they learn (as well as why they don’t) and can often be seen using magic tricks to help enhance children’s understanding of mathematical principles.