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The iPad is an incredible machine. You can create incredible movies using a few different apps. Have you ever wanted to do some Green Screen work and put yourself into a place you’ve always dreamed of going? How about the top of the Eiffel Tower? Or space walking amongst the stars? Or even being chased by a train? Or how about doing a weather report on the great British weather? Or even use special effects to create an Earthquake or Alien Invasion? During this Masterclass you will experience using different apps on the iPad to create wonderful professional looking movies. Learn the techniques of camera work with the iPad and how you can get the best sound quality. Learn about Green Screen and using different techniques to create special effects. Learn about soundtracks and creating your own to enhance the movie you have created. This Masterclass is for anyone who loves making movies and it’s all done on the iPad. Please bring along your iPad if you have one with iMovie, Garageband, Keynote and Green Screen apps installed.

Richard Poth is the masterclass leader. Richard has been teaching nearly 14 years. After six years in the primary sector in Essex in the UK, specialising in computing, he moved to Malaysia and worked as an Education Technology Specialist in an international school. Over the next six years he also worked in Singapore and South Korea supporting the integration of technology into all aspects of teaching and learning. In 2017, he moved back to the UK with his young family to start his own company with the aim to help schools move forward with EdTech. He now works in several different UK schools supporting the development of technology pedagogically and strategically. He has successfully implemented G-suite for Education as well as developing iPad and Coding programmes in many schools. Richard also runs a coding club during holidays so gifted children can have the chance to learn more about coding. Richard is a Google Certified Trainer, Educator and Innovator, an Apple Distinguished Educator and Apple Profession Learning Specialist. His passion is to innovate integrate and inspire by supporting technology in education as a tool for learning.

This is for children in years 5,6,7.