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These sessions are run by Rowena and Mark from Got-a-Head? Their staged thinking technique QWERTY® is designed to inject creativity and fun into whatever tasks we approach. They joined us at the Big Family Weekend 2019. Got-a-Head? are offering a diverse range of workshops to help develop higher level thinking. This is for children aged 11-14 years old.

Tuesday 9 June
Confident QWERTY®
Using the QWERTY® staged thinking technique to open the cage so your thoughts can fly free to results that stand out – more interesting, more fun to do, more filled with you. The technique supports and encourages creative and strategic thought, allowing you to be confident that what you will produce is the very best it can be.  It helps you overcome pesky blank page moments and tames the ideas-horde, so you can get the job done, and done well.

Tuesday 16 June
QWERTY® By Numbers
Using the power of QWERTY® to think your way through maths problems at the level of the UKMT’s Junior and Intermediate Challenges and GCSE higher papers. This is not a straightforward maths lesson.  It is about applying strategy to maximise your chances of solving problems that appear unfamiliar, or solving them under stressful (exam) conditions.

Tuesday 23 June
The QWERTY® Quill: creative ‘ink’ to make you think
While still referring to core strategies to improve and enhance your writing, we move beyond them to look at ways to generate valid and coherent arguments (e.g. for essays).  We will also consider how editing strategies can improve any writing you have already done, be it fiction, factual or poetry.

Tuesday 30 June
Project Shine a Light
Looking at how QWERTY® can provide cerebral scaffolding to help you build better projects that are more interesting, time-effective and a lot more fun to do.  Slideshows, posters, drawings, models, facsimiles, essays and reports can all be improved by upping your thinking game and using the ideas powerhouse that QWERTY® gives you. We’ll use KS3 examples to shine a light on the best way to improve all your projects so that your light can shine.

All workshops will take place over Zoom.  You will be sent a meeting ID and password to your registered email address at least one hour before the first session is due to start. If you have not received a link at that stage, please email amazingchildren@potentialplusuk.org.

Please book a ticket for every child who will be in attendance at the sessions.