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Join the team from the popular podcast Science Shambles for live recording.

The type of science stories that make the mainstream headlines are usually those that feature big, flashy discoveries or something that means we can spend a few hours pretending we found aliens. But what about that long running research that’s taking place in background. Not in any sinister way, it’s just happily taking small steps and quietly changing the world, it just never gets a bold, all caps ‘A – HA’ headline moment. Well The Cosmic Shambles Network are putting that science front and centre for a special evening at the Ri with a live recording of their popular Science Shambles podcast. Hosted by Helen Czerski and with a panel featuring Lucie GreenSuzi Gage and more. Find out more about some of the most exciting, under – reported science happening in the world today.

Science Shambles is the podcast where world leading scientists just chat about science. From cutting edge research and big ideas to popular science books and documentaries, everything is open for discussion. Like everyone at The Cosmic Shambles Network the approach is fun, open and accessible for everyone whether you’ve got a PhD in astrophysics or simply curious about how this universe works. Please note, other universes are available.

Dr Helen Czerski is a physicist, first and foremost, but she’s acquired a few other labels along the way: oceanographer, presenter, author and bubble enthusiast. A regular on The Cosmic Shambles Network, she has also presented a number of acclaimed documentaries for the BBC and her first book, Storm in a Teacup, which looked at the physics of every day things, was a bestseller. Recently she was awarded the prestigious William Thomson, Lord Kelvin Medal and Prize from the Institute of Physics.

Lucie Green is a Professor of Physics and a Royal Society University Research Fellow based at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL’s Department of Space and Climate Physics and studies activity in the atmosphere of our nearest star, the Sun. In particular, looking at immense magnetic fields in the Sun’s atmosphere which sporadically erupt into the Solar System. If these eruptions reach the Earth they can drive major space weather events. She is interested in how the magnetic configuration of the eruptions relates to geomagnetic activity and what this means for those living in the UK.

Dr Suzi Gage is a psychologist and epidemiologist interested in understanding the casual nature of associations between lifestyle behaviours and mental health. In particular she is interested in the impact of recreational drug use on mental health, and vice versa. She also worked as a researcher both before and after her PhD studies. She has a BSc in psychology and an MSc in cognitive neuropsychology from UCL.