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Darwin’s account of the origin of living things makes no attempt to answer the deepest question, what is life? With new advances in nanotechnology and biophysics, scientists and demonstrating how living organisms manipulate information to power molecular motors, control chemical reactions and navigate the uncertain world of molecular randomness. A report from one of the fastest moving frontiers in science from one of the leading researchers in the field, physicist Paul Davies will illuminate how ‘organised information’ may be the key to understanding new laws of life.

Paul Davies is the theoretical physicist, cosmologist, astrologist and best – selling science author. He has published about 30 books and hundreds of research papers and review articles across a range of scientific fields. He is also well – known as a media personality and science popularizer in several countries. His research interests have focused mainly on quantum gravity, early universe cosmology the theory of quantum black holes and the nature of time. He has also made important contributions to the field of astrobiology, and was an early advocate of the theory that life on Earth may have originated on Mars. Among his many awards are the 1995 Templeton Prize,the Faraday Prize from The Royal Society, the Kelvin Medal and Prize from the Institute of Physics, the Robinson Cosmology Prize and the Bicentenary Medal of Chile. He was made a member of the Order of Australia in the 2007 Queen’s birthday honours list and the asteroid 6870 Pauldavies is names after him. His more recent books include “About Time, The Origin of Life, “The Goldilocks Engima: Why is the Universe Just Right for Life?”, “How to Build a Time Machine” and “The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone in the Universe?”

The doors will open at approximately 6.30pm, with a prompt start at 7pm.

Copies of Paul’s book, ‘The Demon in the Machine’, will be available for purchase and signing after the talk.