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Think you could spot a witch if she were among you? Come along and be trained in the fine art of witch hunting by investigating the Malleus Maleficarum and the works of legendary ‘Witchfinder-General’ – Matthew Hopkins. No pointy hats and green skin found here! Instead, women accused of bewitching their neighbours’ pigs or of the ultimate crime of dancing with the devil and necromancy. Your new witch-hunting skills will be put to the test as you interrogate several 15th and 16th century women, some of whom have been accused of horrendous crimes. But will you know one when you see one? Or will we have a full blown hunt on our hands where anyone can become a suspect? With accusations made and suspects identified, the day will finish with a re-enactment of the famous Salem Witch Trial. You will be given a glimpse of the ferocious nature of the trial, merciless extractions of confessions and the singled mindedness of those who would bring these women to their untimely demise.

Claire Edmeades is the masterclass leader. Claire is currently teaching in a primary school, having also taught in secondary schools. She hopes to share her passion for learning with gifted children to see them truly excel. Her particular interests are in creative writing, literature and history.

This is for children in years 5,6,7.