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The workshops are aimed at those children who would be classed as gifted and talented. While tasks are open – ended, they are intended for youngsters whose ability falls in the top 5% of the population. If you’re not sure as to suitability or would like to book a place please contact Lyn – lyn.kendall@outlook.com

Children attend from all over the country. They would have had different educational experiences and will have reached different levels of attainment.

The workshops are about teaching skills that bright youngsters often lack and based on Lyn’s ‘Four Rules’.

Teach them how to study: Children will engage in a graduated study program at an individual level. This is aimed at improving ‘reading for study’ skills, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and critical thinking.

Teach them how to be a well rounded person: We look at what makes an effective learner and what makes an effective person. These simple psychology lessons will develop an understanding of how to function effectively in the world.

Teach them how to fail: Something these bright youngsters find very difficult will be at the core of what we do. From Happy Cubes to Paper Helicopters, the children will develop resilience, learn that it’s okay to get things wrong, understand that sometimes there is more than one right answer and occasionally there is no answer at all. We learn to enjoy the journey.

Give them the opportunity to mix with other bright youngsters: School can be an isolating experience if there’s nobody that shares your interests. Part of each session will be the opportunity to play, talk, and socialise with other children that are just like them.

There is a lounge where parents can wait and enjoy the opportunity of meeting other parents who understand what it’s like to have a bright spark. Parents are expected to stay at the venue, so they are within easy reach should they be needed.