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High Learning Potential Assessment for Children

Potential Plus UK is often contacted by parents wanting to understand their child’s learning profile in order to be able to support their educational, social and emotional needs.

As an organisation whose ethos is based on supporting the social, emotional and learning needs of children with high learning potential, we place great importance on developing resilience and a positive attitude to the life-long process of discovering and developing new skills, talents and abilities. We want children to feel excited and eager to continue on their life-long journey of thriving on learning, welcoming new experiences and seeking new challenges.

In keeping with our ethos of supporting and nurturing HLP children, we offer a unique assessment called the High Learning Potential Assessment to help parents identify and support key areas of their child’s development. The assessment is held in our centres with one of our specialist assessors. We currently have centres in Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, Brockworth in Gloucestershire and Cheadle, Stockport in Cheshire.

The High Learning Potential Assessment has been put together by Potential Plus UK specifically to give parents and schools important information regarding a child’s abilities, potential and current achievement levels.  The aim is for parents to have a better understanding of their child, thereby helping them to meet his or her educational, social and emotional needs. The assessment is suitable for children aged 4 ½ years and above. The tests have been chosen for their suitability to establishing a child’s high learning potential and identifying their strengths and weaknesses, together with being comparable with other measures of cognitive ability and achievement.

The assessment covers:

  • cognitive ability using a brief IQ test (Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test for Children)
  • current academic achievement in reading, writing and mathematics (Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement)
  • memory processing (Lucid Recall/Lucid Cognitive Profiling System)
  • phonological skills (Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing/Lucid Cognitive Profiling System)
  • processing speed (Lucid Recall/Lucid Cognitive Profiling System)
  • a brief measure of sensory processing (Short Sensory Profile)

We also gather background information about the child from their parents and school (if appropriate).

Following the assessment, parents receive a comprehensive report with recommendations for supporting the child and an action plan. There is also a follow up telephone consultation with the assessor once the report has been received. We can also provide a report specifically for the child’s school following an assessment (this is an optional extra – please see details below).

Whilst our High Learning Potential Assessment is beneficial for all children regardless of their situation or ability, there are certain times in which Potential Plus UK will recommend an assessment. For example when:

  • there is early, rapid and sustained development of intellectual ability which is not in line with peers; showing need for extra challenge or guided support in areas of weakness
  • there are marked differences between work that is done at school and at home
  • there are significant strengths in some areas, with poorer or possibly below average signs in others
  • there is a deterioration in behaviour showing links to boredom or lack of stimulation
  • there are specific issues such as school phobia, reluctance to write or problems with peer integration

Under these circumstances, an in-depth assessment, carried out by a trained and experienced assessor, can provide parents with vital information to enable them to provide their child with the support they need to reach their high learning potential.

The cost of the High Learning Potential Assessment is £620 for member families (£750 for non-members), inclusive of VAT.

Families can also request an additional report and advice pack, in which the recommendations and action plan are specifically tailored for the classroom. The assessor can discuss how appropriate this additional report might be with families on the day of the assessment. This additional report includes a follow-up telephone consultation by the school with the assessor to discuss the recommendations. The school pack costs £185 for members and £225 for non-members, inclusive of VAT.

What will I get in my report?

The report will include an explanation of the tests undertaken on the day of the assessment, plus the background information collected from the parents and the school (if relevant) as well as observations made on the day. The results of the tests will be clearly stated, along with the interpretations drawn from the results and the background information. Detailed recommendations and an action plan to support the child will be highlighted.

The additional, optional school report provides the same explanations of tests and interpretations. However, the recommendations and action plan are specifically tailored for the child in the classroom environment.

Scholarship Fund

Potential Plus UK works hard fundraising to support families who struggle to afford to pay for the most appropriate opportunities for their high learning potential children. Generous supporters of the charity, including trusts, donors and partners, contribute to our Scholarship Fund which can support children who need an assessment but whose families would struggle to meet the cost.

Families who are members of Potential Plus UK can apply to the Scholarship Fund to help meet the cost of an assessment by sending an email to requesting an application form.

This is what some parents had to say about the High Learning Potential Assessment

We also offer the following assessment services:

Potential Plus UK has put together the Early Years Assessment of Potential for ages 3 to 4 years to enable parents to understand the abilities of their children and how to support them. The assessment consists of recognised tests of language understanding, hand-eye coordination and sensory processing, as well as more informal play sessions. The latter are standardised, table-based tests. We also collect background information from their parents and any childcare settings (optional).

Parents receive verbal feedback on the day of the assessment, as well as a detailed report within 3 weeks. Recommendations in the report will include strategies for supporting the child’s abilities, parenting and developing any weaker areas, as well as education interventions where appropriate.

What is the Early Years Assessment of Potential?

The Early Years Assessment of Potential is a service provided by Potential Plus UK to assess language understanding, reading, mathematical understanding, hand-eye coordination and sensory processing in young children. The results of these tests are viewed in a holistic way, taking into account scores in standardised tests as well as play-based observations of the child and background information from the parents and any childcare setting (with parents’ permission).

The assessment takes place at Potential Plus UK’s central office in Milton Keynes.

Who is the Early Years Assessment of Potential for?

The Early Years Assessment of Potential is aimed at children aged 3 to 4 years who have not started compulsory education. Its aim is to give parents an understanding of their child’s abilities in relation to other children of the same age.

Parents typically use the service when they feel they need help for understanding and supporting their child’s advanced abilities. Where the assessment is needed to provide advice to support a child’s start in formal education, then the High Learning Potential Assessment is more appropriate. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

How much does the Early Years Assessment of Potential cost?

The Early Years Assessment of Potential is priced at £485 for members of Potential Plus UK and £615 for non-members, inclusive of VAT.

How would a child benefit from participating in the Early Years Assessment of Potential?

Participating in the Early Years Assessment of Potential is enjoyable for most children. On arrival, the child and parents meet the assessor together. When the child is comfortable, parents move into the adjoining room and the assessor intersperses playing with the child and the formal activities in the test. The child can see their parents at any time and breaks are provided, including a lunch break, to enable the child to perform their best. Children are allowed to have their favourite toy, a drink and snacks brought from home during the assessment.

What do parents receive at the end of the Early Years Assessment of Potential?

At the end of the assessment, parents are given initial feedback and advice. A full report detailing all the results and recommendations is received within 3 weeks of the assessment date. A follow-up telephone consultation is then booked in for parents to ask any questions of the assessor. Afterwards, further support can be received by the Information and Advice Service, free for members.

How to book the Early Years Assessment of Potential

If you would like to book Early Years Assessment of Potential, please telephone Potential Plus UK on 01908 646433.

Where the results on the Short Sensory Profile for a child appear in the ‘more than others’ or ‘much more than others’ range, we offer an additional service called the In-Depth Sensory Profile using The Sensory Profile 2 tool by Winnie Dunn.

The In-Depth Sensory Profile Service comprises of:

  • an extensive Caregiver Questionnaire that parents take home to complete
  • an extensive School Companion Questionnaire for the school to fill in (this is optional but recommended where there are difficulties at school)
  • the processing of the results of the Caregiver Questionnaire
  • a report detailing the results and tailored recommendations for home and school, based on the issues presented in each environment.

The In-Depth Sensory Profile Service will highlight specific patterns of sensory sensitivity and processing that are causing your child difficulties and provide individualised recommendations for appropriate interventions to aid your child’s development. Background information, observations made during the assessment and your child’s response to any intervention tools used on the day will also be fed into the report.

The cost of this additional service is £150 for members (£180 for non-members), inclusive of VAT.

Sometimes High Learning Potential children suffer some emotional and/or social problems due to their asynchronous development. Where parents are concerned about a child’s wellbeing and/or social development, we offer an Emotional and Social Profile service to investigate the child’s issues and provide an action plan to support them. This service is available for children aged 7 to 16.

Short emotional literacy checklists covering self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills are completed by the child, the parents and the school (if appropriate). Potential Plus UK is then able to produce profiles showing strengths and weaknesses across these areas so that we can provide an action plan to support the child in the areas they most need it.

The cost of this service is £240 (£290 for non members), inclusive of VAT.

Having a high cognitive ability does not necessarily mean high performance in all areas and handwriting is one of the areas that sometimes holds high learning potential children back from fulfilling their potential. Where this is a concern for an individual who is undergoing a HLPA (aged 9 and up), we offer a service to investigate the cause and extent of their handwriting difficulties and provide recommendations for support.

As part of the Handwriting Profile service we investigate the individual’s visual-motor integration and handwriting speed. Potential Plus UK then provides recommendations for how parents and school can support the individual’s handwriting based on our observation and the results of assessments administered.

The cost of this service is £160 (£195 for non members), inclusive of VAT.

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