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Welcome to Potential Plus UK

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Introducing Potential Plus UK

Our aim is that every high learning potential young person in England and Wales receives appropriate support and challenge to secure well-being and high attainment with the skills, resilience and confidence to succeed at each stage.

This includes children and young people:

  • With exceptional abilities
  • Who have the ability to achieve; but who, for whatever reason, are not achieving their potential
  • Who are dual or multiple exceptional (high learning potential with special educational need or disability)
  • Who are profoundly gifted (approximately 0.01% of children)

We subscribe to Pfeiffer’s Tripartite Model of Giftedness in our identification of children with high learning potential.

We work in the following ways:

  • By working directly with families and professionals to help them support children with high learning potential
  • By working with the children and young people to enthuse them, challenge them and to encourage their friendships with like-minded peers

We help to support thousands of children around the country and we hope that we will be able to support you, whether you are a child or young person, a parent, carer or a professional.

Our Values

  • Fairness – We treat all stakeholders fairly; we do not do something for one that we are not prepared to do for all in similar circumstances.
  • Accessibility and Affordability – We are measured in our charging, provide financial support and accessibility where needed.
  • Continuous Improvement – We monitor, evaluate and apply what we learn in order to improve services and practices.
  • Advice is Research and Experience-Based – We keep up-to-date with developments and best practice, which forms the basis of our information, advice and guidance.
  • Responsive to Rights and Needs of Individuals – We understand that everyone is unique; we provide support that is tailored to the individual.

Our Work

What We Do

Our work with children and young people, parents and carers, professionals and schools has developed from the needs of those we support and provision available in educational and health services.

Our work is broadly divided into:

These services are outlined in the relevant sections of this website and via the links provided.

Why Our Work is Important

We believe that children and young adults of all ages should be given the best chance to succeed in life and fulfil their potential. However, often those with a higher learning potential are not the primary beneficiaries of professional help due to their intellectual capabilities masking a genuine need for help. Unfortunately we see too many examples of children who have the potential to make a real difference not realise their capabilities and as a result suffer in the long term.

Whilst many children and young adults are able to harness their potential via conventional learning methods, there are many who, due to varying reasons, struggle to cope with their gift. This could be due to their ability to communicate their thoughts, their social skills leading to a secluded schooling life, bullying due to their intellect, confusion about why they are different or sometimes their high intellect is coupled with a special education requirement or disability.

Just as children with a lower learning potential will require help and assistance along their academic journey, the same can be said for children with a higher learning potential. It is important that children and young adult’s individual learning needs are realised for them to fulfil their potential to the best of their capabilities. This is where Potential Plus UK is working to bridge the gap. We work with families, schools and professionals to help them best understand how to support the child or young adult through their learning journey. And we help the child or young person realise their gift is exactly that – a gift – and flourish into adulthood.

Understanding the needs of these high potential learners and ensuring their learning is encouraged and stimulated at both home and school is vital and is where Potential Plus UK can help. We strive to give them the resilience and support needed to meet their social and emotional needs so that they can develop to their maximum.

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Families benefit from access to our advice line, our electronic resources and our Focus newsletter.

Schools benefit from access to our advice line, online resources and the High Learning Potential Best Practice Award.

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